Do you want to join a Appian Way tour?

We propose to broaden your knowledge with a four-hour tour starting from the main access point of the Appian Way, and specifically from its entrance into the Roman walls, driving in to the main area (Appian Park) where the original cobblestones are preserved.

It will be our driver’s pleasure to introduce you to the ancient Roman roads and show you this part of Rome that expresses the genius and engineering techniques of the ancient Romans.


  • Via Appia
  • Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella
  • Roman Aqueducts
  • Park of the Aqueducts


After the Appia Way tour, our driver will show you the park of the Roman Aqueducts. The Romans built numerous aqueducts to bring water from distant sources to Rome.

It will interest and enlighten you to learn how the Romans used the force of gravity to make water flow. A part of the 11 Roman aqueducts are still in use in our modern times.

Tour will start from your address or hotel at around 8.30am and will end at any address you request for the drop off around 1.00pm.

Appian way limo tour

Appian way limo tour



We provide you with a brief introduction to the Appian Way.
The Via Appia was built between the end of the 4th century and the beginning of the 3rd century. BC, obviously by the Romans, to connect Rome to the city of Brindisi. In fact, in Brindisi there was the most important port for the trade routes between Ancient Italy and Greece.

The Via Appia was considered by the Romans the Regina viarum (queen of the roads) and remains today one of the greatest civil engineering works of the whole ancient world.

In conclusion, our driver will accompany you all the time in this blast from the past!

This tour, furthermore, can be combined with Rome by Night

Please join us for this unique and eye-opening experience.