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Rome tour of The Great Beauty film’s locations

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Piazza Navona - Rome tour of The Great Beauty film’s locations

As any other city traversed by a river, Rome has beautiful natural sceneries attracting tourists from all over the world. Yet, its beauty means a lot not just to foreigners in search of a unique holiday but to filmmakers too, who want to celebrate it and make art out of it. The Great Beauty movie inspired Tiber Limousine Service, that is now offering you a great opportunity with this new limo tour of Rome to enjoy the same itinerary showing in the Oscar winning film>.

The Great Beauty, Paolo Sorrentino’s film, starring Toni Servillo, has just won the 2014 Oscar and this film is a wonderful oopportunity for all the tourists visiting Rome. Did you already watch the film? Why don’t you take a tour of Rome with one of our English-speaking tour drivers
and visit The Great Beauty’s locations or visit the higlights of Rome and some of the locations where it was filmed?

The tour duration is 8 hours, pick-up at your hotel in Rome at 8:30 am and drop-off at your hotel at 5:00 pm. We can pick you up everywhere in Rome, tough. Your apartment or any address in Rome.

The Great Beauty begins on the Janiculum Hill, the highest hill in Rome, at noon. There is a tradition in Rome, more than 150 years old: Italian army soldiers fire a cannon shot at noon as if it were a clock striking the time and it can be heard up to the river.

Every day hundreds of tourists, but also the locals, go up to the Janiculum Hill to attend this ceremony and Tiber Limo driver will arrange things so that you can be there too at the right time to live again the scene from the film.

Then in front of the Acqua Paola Fountain, a monumental fountain, really a big one, we in Rome call it the “Fontanone”, that is the “Big fountain”. This is an important fountain because it was built at the end of the acqueduct of Acqua Paola, in honour of the Pope Paul V and it may resemble the more famous Trevi Fountain but from here, a sort of balcony over the Eternal City, you can have a panoramic view of Rome and take wonderful pictures and movies like the Japanese tourist in The Great Beauty film.

Tiber Limousine Service driver will then take you even higher, to the top of Janiculum Hill, to a place adored by tourists for the breathtaking view of Rome that you can enjoy from here, to the square dedicated to the Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, celebrated with an equestrian statue right in the middle of it. Here at the Janiculum Hill, Giuseppe Garibaldi fought a battle to defend Rome against the French who were helping the Pope to come back to Rome. This explains the inscription carved on the pedestal of the equestrian statue, seen in the first scenes from the film: “Rome or death”, “Roma o morte” in Italian. It can be considered the motto of the film, the fate of Jep Gambardella, the character played by Toni Servillo.

Down again driving along a beautiful road on the slopes of Janiculum Hill to visit the church of San Pietro in Montorio, where Saint Peter was crucifixed, and inside its courtyard, you’ll find the Tempietto, that is “small temple”, a masterpiece of the Renaissance period built by the famous Italian architect Donato Bramante.

If you are interested in architecture, you will enjoy a stop at Palazzo Spada: the use of optical illusion tricks in the arcade designed by the famous architect Borromini, back in 17th century, will stun you! The corridor seems almost five times longer than it really is! The great architect also contributed to the building of Saint Agnes church in Piazza Navona, in Baroque style. Built where the ancient Domitian’s Stadium was located, Piazza Navona is among Rome’s most famous squares, hosting 3 fountains in its area. A stop here is a must if you are in Rome, and you want to taste a gelato in a typical outdoor café’.

We are now a few hundred meters away from the Tiber river. Did you know that in the past there were recurring floods caused by the river? At the end of the nineteenth century this was the reason that led to the construction of the big walls, known as “Muraglioni” in Italian, along the Tiber and the two boulevards along it, adorned with majestic plane trees. This boulevards are known as “Lungotevere”, literally “along the Tiber”, and our driver will take you there in a few minutes from Piazza Navona. The Tiber river flows eighteen meters lower than the road level. At the foot of the walls there are two banks, accessible by stairs from the Lungotevere and in The Great Beauty you can see the main character taking a stroll down there. You can do the same if the level of river is under the banks. Imagine what a fantastic experience it is walking along the Tiber with the dome of St. Peter’s in the background and Sant’Angelo Castle on your right! Don’t forget to walk along the “Lungotevere” and take pictures from Umberto I bridge, an iconic view of Rome.

One of the scenes from the film is a party on the terrace of a palace in Via Veneto, famous street in Rome made famous by the film “La dolce vita” by Federico Fellini. In the 60’s this street was the symbol of the Italian economic boom: exclusive luxury hotels, cafes and shops, symbols of the wealth of Rome. If you are looking for the best hotels in Rome during your vacation in Italy, Via Veneto is the right street for you. Tiber Limousine Service driver will take you there and, if you want, you can walk and take a coffee in one of the cafe along Via Veneto.

The first location from The Great Beauty film you will visit after pick-up at your accommodation is the the Park of Acqueducts(Parco degli acquedotti). This park is inside the Park of the Appia Antica. The aqueducts in this park are the Acqua Marcia, Tepula, Giulia, Felice and the arches of the Claudian aqueduct that can be seen in the movie.

The next stop will be at Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta for the keyhole view of St. Peter’s. It is located on the Aventine Hill and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. If you’d like to see another stunning view of Rome, here on the Aventine Hill you can also visit the Giardino degli Aranci (The Orange Garden), inside Parco Savello.

Details and prices

Prices include:

  • Guaranteed private service
  • No hidden charges: the price you read is what you pay
  • Private luxury Mercedes-Benz car or minivan, air conditioned, fully insured for vehicle and passengers (4 million euros), in top condition, no-smoking, complimentary fresh mineral bottled water
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access to the Internet inside the Mercedes-Benz vehicle
  • 24/7 emergency telephone number
  • Private licensed driver fluent in English, with perfect knowledge of the history, monuments and other attractions that will be visited during the tour, giving commentaries and answering question from inside the vehicle. Upon request we provide tours with a licensed tour guide always with you in the vehicle and inside the monuments for all duration of the tour or we can book a licensed guide just for the visit of the Vatican Museums and/or Coliseum
  • All taxes, tolls, parking fees, fuel, child seats and wheelchairs if requested

Prices don’t include:

  • Entrance fees (where needed)
  • Meals
  • Tips/Gratuities (this is optional in Italy, not mandatory; our drivers don’t expect you to give them a tip)

We don’t charge for children under two years old (at most 2 children don’t pay).


All prices are in euros. Tiber Limousine Service accepts payments by PayPal, by credit card or in cash in euros to the driver at the end of the tour.

Tour of Rome locations of
The Great Beauty movie
private full-day limo tour


Price 1 up to and including 3 people
Add €30 for each additional passenger, up to 7
Contact us to receive quote for more than 7 passengers

  • Pickup: Rome airport, Rome hotel, address in Rome
    Drop off:
    Rome hotel, address in Rome
  • Tour duration: 8 hours approx. Pickup at 8:30am; drop off at 5:00pm (you can choose a different pick up time)
  • Price includes: Private luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicle, professional English-speaking tour driver, taxes, fuel, passengers insurance (4 million euros), tolls, parking fees, complimentary fresh bottled water, complimentary wi-fi access to the internet


  • Dell'Acqua Paola Fountain
  • St Pietro in Montorio Church
  • Spada Gallery
  • Piazza Navona
  • Sant'Agnese in Agone
  • Lungotevere
  • Umberto I bridge
  • Via Veneto
  • Baths of Caracalla
  • Keyhole view of St. Peter's from Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta
  • Park of Acqueducts - Aqua Claudia
  • Ancient Appian Way


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