Elderly people should plan travels to Rome and Italy carefully. Read our tips to make your Roman vacations unforgettable.

Top 10 senior travel tips

Touring Rome


Here are some senior travel tips for touring Rome:

  • Senior Travel Tips #1: Consider using a private limousine car service during your stay. The private service offers the mature traveler more benefits than most people realize, including:

    • Preplanned, customized tour itineraries inside Rome and its surrounding area.

    • An English-speaking driver takes you to each site, allowing you to rest in privacy and comfort of an air-conditioned Mercedes Benz.

    • An English-speaking tour guide that is licensed and highly qualified, knowledgeable of Rome and its surrounding area, including wineries.

    • A great senior tip – companion or wheelchairs are easily placed into and taken out of the car’s trunk during tours and travel.

    • Giving you recommendations and more senior tips to make your visit the best it can be, including hotels and luxury accommodations or the best restaurants visited by the locals.

    • And just think – no trying to figure out the Metro System, no dealing with crowded tour buses/shuttles, no worrying if you’ve gotten a “real” or “pseudo” taxi that overcharges, or trying to figure out maps of the city.
  • Senior Travel Tips #2: Preplan your trip, using these senior tips: leave plenty of time for frequent rest breaks during the tours and rest days between tours; avoid rigorous itineraries; and allow time for afternoon naps or downtime.

  • Senior Travel Tips #3: Take advantage of as many modern conveniences as possible. Here are just a few senior tips:

    • Let porters transport your luggage at airports, hotels and on cruise ships.

    • With the long lines and waits to get through the security gates at the airports, prearrange for a wheelchair and assistant at the ticket counter – you’ll get through the gates faster, since they generally have special areas for you to pass through security. Put your pride aside and enjoy the ride!

    • If you plan a lot of site-seeing, rent a companion chair for the mature traveler in your group – our best senior tip. Everyone will be able to see much more and enjoy the trip completely. The companion chair is even helpful on a cruise ship and touring museums with their hard, tile floors, long tours and packed crowds.
  • Senior Travel Tips #4: Choose tourist sites that are senior-friendly. For instance, the Coliseum has an elevator for wheelchairs, but the Roman Forum is difficult to navigate for wheelchairs and slow walkers with its hilly terrain and uneven pathways. The Vatican with St. Peter’s Square, the Basilica, and Museum can be an all afternoon affair, but you can purchase “timed” tickets online to keep you from standing in line and there are elevators for wheelchair users and their parties.

  • Senior Travel Tips #5: Another of our best senior tips – stay in a rented villa only if you plan to stay there to relax. Otherwise, consider renting a vacation home in or near Rome rather than a hotel. Seniors are more comfortable when they can establish a routine similar to home – making their morning coffee in a kitchen and drinking it on a comfortable terrace with a view of the city. Ensure there is easy access – even a few steps that would be nothing for a younger person may cause problems for the mature traveler.

  • Senior Travel Tips #6: Plan your trip between mid-March and May or between September and October. The weather is cooler during these two timeframes. You’ll also avoid our hot, dry summers and the museums and churches are less crowded during these times.

  • Senior Travel Tips #7: Most museums and monuments give free admission to seniors. To get many other senior discounts on hotels, cruises and such, be sure to book all of your reservations months in advance.

  • Senior Travel Tips #8: Before making any final bookings, ask each vendor (cruises, hotels, tour arrangements, etc.) what their refund policy for deposits and prepaid monies is for cancellations. Also, if they can be applied to rescheduled times or to another person. You never know when a health issue might delay or cancel your plans entirely.

  • Senior Travel Tips #9: If you are a younger friend or relative of a senior and planning a trip together, remember these great senior tips:

    • Seniors enjoy different sites and sounds than you.

    • They need to feel independent, even in a companion chair. They will want to carry their own money and passport. You might shop with them for a safer, travel packet that can be worn around their neck for valuables and they still carry their purse/wallet with only small change/bills.
    • If there is a safe in your accommodations, ensure your senior has the access code, as well. If not and you feel you must hide some items you plan to leave while you’re out, ensure your senior knows the location, too, in case something happens to you.

    • Rent an overseas cell phone for emergencies, as well as to allow your senior to call home occasionally.
  • Senior Travel Tips #10: In case of unplanned health issues, research ahead for an English-speaking doctor and pharmacy at each location where you will be staying, including on a cruise ship. Take along all of your prescriptions in their original bottles with the prescription label with your name on it. Make a list of all health issues; medications used, how frequently, and the doses; and list any over-the-counter drugs you use, how frequently and the doses. Keep this list always with you and keep a copy in your luggage, in case you lose the original. This senior tip is good for all travelers.

If you use these senior tips in preplanning for your trip, you should have a wonderful adventure in our grand city of Rome.