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Tiber Limousine Service’s Rome tours will show you the beauty of ancient Rome and also Renaissance and Baroque Rome, including Vatican City (Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica). Rome was decorated with the art of the most famous sculptors and painters in history and with our private tours of Rome you will see the splendor of fountains unlike any others in the world like the Trevi Fountain, or the majestic structures that still stand from the Roman Empire, incomparable in their size and the skill required to build them (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon …). Choosing our limousine service you can also visit the Roman Catacombs, Ostia Antica, the ancient Appian Way and the countryside around Rome, think of Tivoli Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa.

It may seem an impossible task to visit the most important monuments and museums of Rome in a day but choosing to book with us, Tiber Limousine Service will provide the best English-speaking drivers, who know every aspect of Rome perfectly well and know how to choose the optimal path to minimize the time required to move from one site to another. Our expert drivers will be able to make you enjoy the best of Rome, even if the time you have is limited. You can arrange the details of your tour of Rome with our staff before arriving in Rome, but you can change on the fly by discussing with the driver.

Every moment of the day you will spend in Rome accompanied by our driver will be interesting. Even the transfers from one monument to another will be an important moment of your tour of Rome and this for two reasons. First of all, Rome is so beautiful that just only looking out of the car window you will be fascinated by the amazing amount of beautiful sights and moreover our driver will entertain you nicely providing information on the places and their history.

Rome city and Vatican tour full day limousine service
Learn more about our tour of Rome and Vatican in one day

Rome and Vatican Full Day Tour

Our English speaking driver will pick you up at at your hotel or apartment in Rome or at Rome airport and will escort you to visit all the most important Rome attractions and the Vatican: the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica. This Rome limo tour is customizable, so you can discuss with our English speaking tour driver the Rome attractions that you want to see and where you want to spend more time. Learn more ...
Rome by night tour two-hour limousine service
Learn more about our Rome by night tour

Rome By Night Tour - 2 Hours

Rome by Night is the best tour if you wish to visit Rome in complete relax and for romantic people. You'll see Rome attractions in a completely different way due to the lights. Our English speaking driver will pick you up everywhere in Rome and stop in the most fascinating places giving you the opportunity to take exceptional photos without all those crowds of tourists seen during the day.Learn more ...
Rome city tour half day limousine service
Learn more about our half day tour of Rome

Rome Tour Half Day

The ideal tour of Rome monuments excluding the Vatican but including the best sites of Ancient, Renaissance and Baroque Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, Circus Maximus, Capitoline Hill, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the famous shopping streets nearby (Via Condotti, Via Frattina, Via Sistina). Just contact our customer service to personalize this tour or to extend it to a full day, adding more sights.Learn more ...
Rome and countryside tour two-day limo service
Learn more about our two-day tour of Rome and its countryside

Rome And Its Countryside Two-day Tour

The first day of this private limo tour is dedicated in the morning to the visit of the most important monuments in Rome and after lunch the Vatican City. On the second day our driver will take you to visit Ostia Antica, the Appian Way and the Catacombs and then to Castelli Romani area with lunch in the beautiful town of Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer residence, with its wonderful volcanic lake. Learn more ...
Seven pligrim churches of Rome tour limo service
Learn more about our tour of the Seven Pilgrim Churches of Rome

Seven Pilgrim Churches Of RomeTour - Full Day

Would you like to experience an ancient tradition that dates back to the 16th century? Try the tour of the seven pilgrim churches of Rome, a religious pilgrimage to seven of the most ancient and important basilicas and churches in Rome to get the plenary indulgence of sins like during the Jubilee Years. Learn more ...
Caravaggio Rome tour limo service
Learn more about our Caravaggio Rome tour

Caravaggio Rome Tour - Full Day

Michelangelo Merisi, best known as Caravaggio, lived and worked in Rome for many years, in the area of Campo Marzio, and booking this tour you have the opportunity to walk in the same streets where he walked, almost unchanged since then, and visit many churches and museums where you can admire Caravaggio's masterpieces.Learn more ...
The Great Beauty Rome tour limo service
Learn more about our tour of The Great Beauty Rome movie locations

The Great Beauty Rome Tour - Full Day

The perfect tour if you love both films and Rome, a wonderful opportunity to visit Rome sights inspired by scenes from the 2014 Oscar winning movie The Great Beauty. Enjoy wonderful views of Rome from its highest hill, the Janiculum. Visit the Park of Aqueducts and walk under the arches of the Claudian acqueduct, look at St. Peter's dome from the keyhole on the Aventine Hill. Learn more ...
Rome Transfers (Airport, Port) With 1 And 1/2 Hour Mini Tour of Rome
Learn more about our transfers with mini tour of Rome

Rome Transfers (Airport, Port) With 1 And 1/2 Hour Mini Tour of Rome

Transfers are boring, aren't they? If you need a transfer between Rome and the airport or a transfer between Rome and the port of Civitavecchia, you can decide to take a mini sightseeing tour of Rome to visit its highlights before our driver takes you to your destination. The duration of the mini tour of Rome is one and a half hour and this option is ideal for tourists who don't have time for a half or full day tour of Rome or want to save money. The mini tour includes stops at some of the most famous Rome monuments where you can get off the car, walk around and take photographs. Our driver will also drive by many other famous places in Rome to make you feel the emotion that comes from the first contact with the Eternal City. Learn more ...

Rome is the eternal city with over 3,000 years of uninterrupted history as an important seat of power. With this power came some of the most uniquely beautiful artifacts, sculpture and artfully crafted architecture, sitting side-by-side with today's modern structures. Tiber Limousine Service, also called simply Tiber Limo, provides highly professional Rome tours and our limo service in Rome is the best way to visit the Eternal City in absolute comfort and luxury. Why wasting your time waiting for buses? Visit Rome in limo with Tiber Limousine Service and our Rome private tours.

In our Mercedes Top class vehicles and with our professional English speaking drivers your Rome tour will be unforgettable and you'll discover all the most important attractions in Rome. Our tours of Rome are customizable so you can choose the Rome sights you want to visit and how much time to spend in each one. With our English speaking driver you can visit Rome sights like Roman Colosseum, Roman Forum, Arch of Constantine, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Circus Maximus and San'Angelo Castle. All these Rome sights may be included in our Half Day Rome Private Tour.

If you are also interested in visiting the Vatican you can do a Full Day Rome Private Tour and you'll also visit the Vatican Museums with Raphael Rooms and Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter's Basilica and Saint Peter's Square. For all tourists wishing to visit not only Rome but also Rome surroundings we suggest our 2-day Rome and Surrounding Area Private Tour that will give you the opportunity to discover the Roman countryside. In the second day of this tour you can visit the Catacombs, the Appian Way, Ostia Antica and the Castelli Romani area, in particular Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence of the Pope. To complete the list of our Rome tours we cannot forget our Rome by night Tour!

Remember that all our Mercedes are luxury vehicles, fully equipped, with air conditioning. We use Mercedes sedan E-class and Mercedes Viano Saloon Deluxe minivans. With Mercedes minivans we also have a refrigerator with water. You'll find this is really important when doing a Rome Private Tour in summer. The order in which these Rome sights will be visited in our Rome tours may vary depending on the place our driver will pick you up. We can pick you up everywhere in Rome, at your hotel or apartment for example, or we can pick you up at Rome airport and in this case your Rome Private Tour will begin after the transfer from Rome airport to the Capital. Price of our Rome private tours is the same for pickup in the capital or at the airport.

What follows is a description of the most important Rome sights than can be included in our Half Day Rome Tour, Full Day Rome Tour and 2-day Rome and Surrounding Area Tour .

The center of the social life in ancient Rome was the Roman Forum, built in a valley between the Palatine Hill and the Capitoline Hill. Our driver will give you all the information about one the most important Rome sights, starting from when this area was just a marsh, then it was drained and at first a market was here. After this first phase the importance of this place increased and it began the center of all public life in Rome: religious, political, social, economical. In the Roman Forum there were meetings of the Senate, trials, elections, public feasts. Commerce, money lending, all kind of business found their center in the Roman Forum. Obviously the Roman Forum changed during the centuries and some of it functions moved to other places but the importance of the Roman Forum as a symbol of Ancient Rome never declined.

After the visit to the Roman Forum your tour driver will explain you the highlights of the Roman Colosseum, for sure the symbol of ancient Rome and the absolute must visit of every Rome Private Tour. You'll discover it is called Colosseum because of the huge statue of Nero, called "Colossus", that was nearby. It was a 30 m high bronze statue originally in the Domus Aurea but then moved by the emperor Hadrian near to the Colosseum. And you will be astonished to know that it took just 8 years to build the Colosseum, the highest building in ancient Rome! Nowadays the Colosseum looks very different from when it was built and this because once it was covered with white travertine stone but during the Middle Ages and Renaissance its travertine stone was used in many churches in Rome, for example Saint Peter's Basilica.

Tickets to visit the Roman Colosseum cost Euro 12, are valid for two days and include visit to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. So if you are still in the Eternal City the day after your Rome private tour with Tiber Limousine Service you can visit the Palatine Hill on you own.


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