If you want to spend a day ashore visiting Rome, Civitavecchia port is your starting point.

Civitavecchia Port

Guide to Civitavecchia port


Name: Civitavecchia Port

Address: Molo Vespucci, 00053
Civitavecchia, RM, Italy

Telephone:+39 0766 366201

Where is Civitavecchia port?

Civitavecchia port is the port of Rome. It is North-West of Rome, approximately 85 km (53 miles) from the Eternal City, 1 hour and 10 minutes driving. Civitavecchia port distance from Rome Fiumicino airport is 65 kilometres (40 miles), 50 minutes driving.


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Why is the town called Civitavecchia?

The original name was “Centum Cellae” but the town was abandoned and then its name changed to “Civita Vetula”, today “Civitavecchia”; that is “old town”. The first port in this area was built at the end of the 1st century. Its symbol is Forte Michelangelo, built to defend the port of Rome. In Rome you will visit the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s masterpiece, but here in Civitavecchia it is worth a look at this fort. Don’t forget to tell our driver if you want to stop and see it from outside.

Is there a railway station close to Civitavecchia port?

Yes, the railway station is approximately 500 meters from the main gate of Civitavecchia port, not far from Michelangelo Fort. You can reach Rome by train but it’s not as easy as it may seem.

Civitavecchia to/from Rome by train

This option is open to all cruisers and trains generally run every 30 minutes between the hours of 6:30am and 11:30pm. It is a decent mode of transportation, but as it is open to all travelers the train can become crowded. This may mean long waits for trips that are not crowded, and could make it easier for you and your party to become separated. Also, while the train will put you close to many of the more popular sights, it will not deliver you directly to your destination.

Lastly, you will need to ensure that you keep up with your own luggage while getting from Civitavecchia to Rome by train. Luggage compartments may become scarce on crowded trains, and large amounts of luggage may make it hard to navigate any crowds or secure seating. So if you’re planning on getting from Civitavecchia to Rome by train, try to plan your trip around less busy times so that traveling with larger parties or multiple pieces of luggage will not become problematic:

  • Missing a train when you exit your cruise ship can mean waiting around for 30 min. to an hour
  • Waiting for the next train with luggage & multiple travelers can be cumbersome and unsafe
  • Because they’re cheap, trains are often crowded and you may not get seats or storage for luggage
  • Not getting a seat on the train could mean an hour or more of standing with your luggage, very uncomfortable
  • The train will not drop you off directly at your destination, so there may be a few connections or walking to do

If you want more information about trains between Civitavecchia and Rome, visit the Official Trenitalia website