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Major Fountains Of Rome

by / Thursday, 05 November 2015 / Published in Limo service in Rome and Italy
Major fountains of Rome

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In this article we will give you advice on how to visit some of the most important fountains of Rome just walking and using public transportation, mainly the underground. On a beautiful sunny day it will be a pleasure sightseeing Rome’s magnificent fountains.

Let’s start from Termini railway station, using the Metro Line A. Starting from Termini, our first stop will be at Repubblica stop where you can see the Fountain of the Naiads. It is not an ancient fountain, dating back to 1888, but nevertheless it is a magnificent fountain with a great view on one of the most important street in Rome, Via Nazionale, famous for its shops. For the Japanese tourists, a visit to Mitsukoshi department store, just a few meters from the fountain, is a must.

Fountain of the Naiads - Rome

Back to the underground and next stop is at Piazza Barberini, with Lorenzo Bernini’s Fontana del Tritone, Triton Fountain. There are four dolphins supporting an open shell and, on top of it, a triton is blowing a conch. The fountain mark the middle of Piazza Barberini and it’s the focus of the area. You can also have a look at Fontana delle Api, Fountain of the Bees in English, a little fountain now in a corner at the end of the famous Via Veneto, also sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Triton's fountain - Rome

Now it’s time to reach the Trevi Fountain, just a few minutes walking from Piazza Barberini. Here is a map:

After restoration, Trevi Fountain re-opened on November 3rd and you can again throw a coin in it if you wish to come back to Rome again! This monumental fountain was built to celebrate the the Acqua Vergine, the waterarriving in Rome by an acqueduct built by Agrippa.

Trevi Fountain - Rome

Let’s walk back to Piazza Barberini where you can take again the underground and get off at Piazza di Spagna stop to admire the wonderful Trinità dei Monti, the Spanish Steps and the Barcaccia (that is old boat), a fountain by the father of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. You will notice that the fountain is partially under the street level and this because the pressure of the water coming from the acqueduct was too low. Don’t forget to do some walking in the famous shopping streets nearby: Via Condotti, Via Frattina and many others.

Barcaccia fountain Spanish steps Rome