Fully licensed limo company, fully licensed and experienced drivers, fully licensed and insured luxury Mercede-Benz vehicles. For your safety.

About Tiber Limousine Service

Private Limo Services in Rome & Italy


Our Company


Tiber Limousine Service owner Andrea Santucci My name is Andrea Santucci and I’m the owner of Tiber Limousine Service, offering private limo services (tours, shore excursions, transfers) in Rome and throughout Italy. I founded Tiber Limousine Service in 2008 because I wanted to provide tourists and business men with the most professional private limousine car services available on the market. I have been in the tourism industry for many years, so I knew that private limo tours and limousine car service make your stay in Rome much more exciting – you’re not herded in and out of tour buses, never able to stay longer at a landmark than what is scheduled.

In 2008 there were already many companies operating in the field of private limousine services but they did not provide high quality services. I wanted to establish a new standard of quality so I embarked on this activity founding Tiber Limousine Service and offering not just tranfers but also tours in the luxury and privacy of Mercedes-Benz® Top Class sedan cars and minivans

My second goal was to ensure my clients have a rewarding experience – after all, Rome is the ancient city that was at the heart of world history for centuries, the eternal city. Unfortunately, there are many people in Rome who call themselves tour guides; however, you cannot count on their information being accurate. The municipality of Rome certifies all of Tiber’s tour guides. That means they have degrees from universities in Italian culture and history – you can rely on the historical information you are given to be factual and accurate.

Mission Statement

Tiber Limousine Service first goal is to provide a professional limo service using high quality luxury Mercedes-Benz® cars and minivans, in perfect efficiency, fully insured for passengers, driven by fully licensed and experienced drivers.. Your safety is of paramount importance to us.

Our Customer Service

Please Contact our Customer Service even if you still don’t know if you intend to book a limo service with Tiber Limousine Service. Our professional staff will be glad to give you more information about our standard transfers, tours and shore excursions or help you planning your trip to Italy. It is precisely our customer service that determines a profound difference between our company and the others. We have a great customer service, at your disposal, to assist you prior to booking, responding quickly and accurately to all your questions.

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We have more than 330 traveler reviews on TripAdvisor and we are rated 5 stars. Read reviews of our limo service in Rome and Italy.

Our Fleet


First of all, according to Italian law regarding limo services (in Italy this kind of service is called N.N.C., Noleggio Con Conducente, that is Rent a Car with Driver), the vehicles used for private limo services can accommodate up to eight passengers, not more.

Tiber Limousine Service’s fleet consists of black Mercedes-Benz cars and minivans, fully equipped, air conditioning, regularly maintained to guarantee the safety of our clients. Our vehicles are driven by professional licensed drivers and have insurance for passengers (4 million euros per vehicle)

Viano Mercedes-Benz minivan

Up to 7 passengers + driver

Viano Mercedes-Benz minivan


Lot of space for luggage!

Viano Mercedes-Benz minivan luggage

Vito Mercedes-Benz minivan

Up to 8 passengers + driver

The difference with the Viano minivan is essentially just the possibility to accommodate one more passenger. Externally and internally it is very similar to the Viano minivan.

E-Class Mercedes sedan

Up to 3 passengers + driver. This is the standard sedan for limo services in Italy.


We at Tiber Limousine Service schedule regular maintenance for our fleet, using only Mercedes-Benz authorized centers and genuine spare parts, ensuring that our passengers ride in absolute safety in luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles operating at peak performance. Read more on our Facebook page: Maintenance at Mercedes-Benz authorized centers